Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crossroads , It's about time

Cross roads, it’s about time has certain timelessness associated with it.
The author expresses oscillating thoughts of a woman in a rather natural way. The transition between what has occurred and what is going on is done in such a subtle way that the reader gets carried away.
The story begins at the railway station, an important symbol in the novel indicating life choices.
Kavita , the protagonist sits on a faded green iron bench at the platform, waiting for her daughter to return. She feels nostalgic and some old memories return to her. She remembers meeting the love of her life in the train, a filmy situation filled with dramatic moments.
It is a story of a Indian woman , one just like any of us tolerating the tough times, subduing her pride and trying to somehow save the marriage. And yet it is different because here the protagonist is an epileptic by birth , she fights all the problems single handedly, refuses to take any of the abuses and decides to leave her husband for the sake of her daughter. An overprotective friend , a doting father , Kavita has it all but her struggle is her own.

It is as tough an internal conflict as fighting a callous world full of preying eyes who consider a single woman an easy victim. Her search for happiness brings more love to her life but destiny has other plans . It is a must read for all the woman who think it is essential to have a crutch or support in order to live and be happy. Also it is an inspiring tale of courage showing us when to hold on and when to let go, for one thing is for sure, this book teaches us self respect. It also paves way for individualistic thinking , how an Indian woman defies the age old notions and embraces a life she chooses.

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