Sunday, May 24, 2015

MEET THE STRINGS by Chetan Jaiman


Meet the strings by Chetan Jaiman is a collection of  nine captivating stories. The racy style combined with novelty of  subject makes the book unique.
Each story  ,  different from the other, holds the reader to the very last word. Some are surreal while others are an in depth study in human psychology .

Story 1:

We get a hint of author's engaging tone right from this story. How an author , whose book has created a buzz  is startled at the door knock late in night .
A young boy comes seeking some answers , ones she would not tell easily to a stranger.
We are in store for a lot of surprises about who gets answered - the curious young boy or the famed author.

Story 2:
This is a rather bizarre story about how drastically an incident can affect someone.
A common thing that we are so accustomed to watching that we would hardly notice , changes the life of a rich lady, who was previously happy in her own world that revolved around her family. This one simply tells us of the power of a single thought and how it can start a chain that leads to no where  .

Story 3 :
The story starts from an abrupt idea , a seemingly impossible situation. The curiosity is swelled step by step , never giving the reader time to think about something else. As far as the story line goes it is completely unpredictable. How a young man is faced with a strange emptiness - a void where there is no life at all .

Story 4:
This story is a continuation of the previous one. The ending is surprisingly unique. All possible guesswork fails and we are suddenly pulled into a black hole of subtle spiritual truth , the beginning of it all . The easy language makes any common reader one with the protagonist, as if we are the onlookers to the happenings in the young man's life .

Story 5:
Two love stories told in different countries . One shows an orthodox societal pressure working against the lovers while the second one , a complex love triangle with a motive of revenge shows the fragility of relationships.

Story 6:

This story combines the supernatural with the intense  suffering on realisation of wrong done. It   is sure to send a chill down your spine.

Story 7:

Tale of an old lonely woman's encounter with a near death experience and how she interprets it. Very unusual imagination , iced with the author's characteristic trait of bringing out the exact feelings of a person in a particular situation and  mind's inner working in a striking manner.

Story 8:
In this one we have our protagonist suffering from a psychological disorder.  How a simple girl brought up in a conservative family falls in love with her own shadow.

Story 9:

This is sensitive story of a meeting between a prostitute and  a college student for his anthropology project.  How this occasional meeting changes their lives forever. It is thought provoking not only because it gives us a glimpse into the  defamed exploitative profession but also because the woman here becomes a mouthpiece for author's original philosophy.

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